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Introducing Tru-Seam Gutter Sealant with features and benefits that surpass the competition!

Superior Adhesion Premium Gutter Sealer
Almost 2 times stronger than Geocel and OSI

Nitrile rubbers chemical and UV resistance
Long-term performance and durability

Low VOC (volatile organic compounds)
Compliant in all 50 states

Solvent based formula
Can be applied in wet conditions, standing water or sub-zero temperatures

Joint movement capabilities
Remains permanently flexible

Weather and age resistant
Remains flexible

Paint adheres after 24 hours

Non-sag properties
Fills gaps up to 1/2″ without a backer

Clean up
Uncured material can be cleaned using acetone

Tack-free cure time to the touch
5 to 6 seconds

Primer not required
Reduces installation time

Superior performance
Cost savings no call backs

Available colors
Aluminum and white

10.3 oz. cartridge with 3″ nozzle, 12 per carton

Approximately 31 lineal feet of 1/4″ bead